How to Market Your Photography Service

How to Market Your Photography Service?

Photography is one difficult business to stand out on. No matter how amazing your end work is, the business has a marketing component that many photographers fail to see . Let’s dive into marketing your photography business. My Referrals are Amazing! Referrals will always be your best source of business. When someone who has used your service is selling your business for you, it becomes a great source of business. The domino effect would occur with that friend too. The issue is, it’s completely out of your control. If the fall is looking slow for you, you can’t wait on referrals. You need to stir up some new demand for your service. How About Social Media Marketing Social media is an amazing avenue to display Read more

Save for Your Bahamas Wedding

Tricks to Save For Your Bahamas Wedding

The typical traditional wedding is insanely expensive. It’s one of the many reasons why brides to be start entertaining the idea of destination weddings. When it comes to destination weddings, the vision includes beach nine times out of ten. Which make weddings at the Bahamas one that is always considered. While the price of a destination wedding is cheaper than a traditional one, there are still costs involved. Here are ways to save money for your Bahamas Wedding Get out of your car lease – A car serves a purpose. Yet it’s an asset that will continue to lose value as time goes on. You have a ton of people out there that enjoy getting a new car every few years. Generally, these are people Read more

Atlantis Bahamas Wedding

How are Weddings at the Atlantis Bahamas?

More and more couples are having destination weddings these days. As a result, it’s no surprise that top tier resorts are getting attention from brides to be. Atlantis is one of the most breath taking resorts in the Bahamas. The resort has something for everywhere and can handle small weddings to gigantic wedding events. One of the toughest decision on getting married at the Atlantis is deciding which venue to have it at. There are literally more than twenty different venues for weddings & receptions at the Atlantis. Whether you’re looking for something gigantic, or something very intimate, Atlantis can make it happen for your wedding. The key, believe it or not, is having access to the wedding planners at the Atlantis. The Atlantis Bahamas Read more

The Ocean Club Bahamas Wedding Review

The Ocean Club Bahamas for Weddings – Review

The Ocean Club at the Bahamas is absolutely stunning. The Ocean Club is part of the Four Seasons, which brings a certain style & more importantly level of services that is hard to match. Unlike The Atlantis, with it’s high tourist attractions, the Ocean Club provides a polar opposite feel to the resort. The lush setup with amazing service sets it apart from many other resorts in the Bahamas. The biggest downside is the cost. It certainly is one of the pricier resorts in the Bahamas. With price however, comes a level of service and surroundings what is very hard to match. As for having a wedding at the Ocean Club Bahamas, one huge benefit is the amazing wedding planners available to you onsite at Read more

Church Weddings Bahamas

How to Have a Church Wedding in the Bahamas

When everyone thinks of weddings in the Bahamas, the vision of sun, beaches & clear skies is the typical vision. While this is still the vision , many are still wanting to incorporate a church wedding into event. The churches in the Bahamas has an architecture & style to them that you can find anywhere else in the world. The difficult part about getting married at a church is actually getting it accomplished. Getting to the right person & getting the proper confirmations is near impossible. As you can imagine, that is the last thing you want when it comes to a destination wedding. The way to combat this and cut through the red tape is to use a local wedding planner in the Bahamas. Read more

Bahamas Marriage License

How Do I Get a Marriage License in the Bahamas

Getting a marriage license is actually a pretty straight forward easy process. The issues arise when you delay or assume a marriage license is done in the wrong manner! According to the Government of Bahamas Registrar, below are your step to getting a marriage license in the Bahamas Request a marriage license with the  Registrar General’s Department. This marriage license is good for 3 months. All is you need is a license or passport. Once a wedding is completed, a Marriage Duplicate Register (Form No. 9) should be sent to the Registry by the Marriage Officer ASAP. The fee for a marriage license is: BS$100.00 Here are a couple important notes when getting that marriage license: Both individuals need to be at the Registrar at Read more

Wedding Planners in the Bahamas

How Do I Find a Wedding Planner in the Bahamas

Without question, you are ahead of the game by admitting that you need the services of a wedding planner in the Bahamas. Too many times, I’ve seen brides to be & families trying to cut costs by not hiring a wedding planner. I completely understand the need to keep costs down. It’s one of the main draws why traditional weddings are skipped for destination weddings. That & destination weddings are just so much more fun – whether you’re attending it or in it! Believe it or not, we are starting to see more and more brides bring wedding planners over from their home. The is a huge mistake. While you have trust in this person more so than a stranger, that wedding planner simply doesn’t Read more

Bahamas Destination Wedding

Tips on Getting Married in the Bahamas

Whether you’re looking to get married in the Bahamas, need to host an event in the Bahamas, or simply are interested in service providers in the Bahamas, this site is here to provide you some amazing insight into the Bahamas. If you ever asked someone if they’ve been to the Bahamas, those that have gone, have an ear to ear smile. Now, ask a bride who got married in the Bahamas how their experience was, it’s another reaction. Some were amazing, while others were a complete disaster. Getting Married in the Bahamas The greatest fear of any destination wedding for a bride is simple, will it be perfect. We’ve all heard the saying “on island time” which is great when you’re on vacation, but not Read more