BBA at John Watling’s Distilery


On July 17, 2014 Bahamas Bridal Association was delighted to conduct our regular monthly meeting at a beautiful location of John Watling’s Distillery located at Delancy Street in downtown Nassau . Members and guests who attended the meeting were given a private tour of premises by a friendly host Pepin Argamasilla who highlighted the areas of the Buena Vista Estate convenient for private and corporate events. Set on more than two acres Buena Vista Estate features popular Red Turtle Tavern where you can enjoy in famous cocktails, retail shop that can be entirely emptied and set up for the event if necessary, front top and lower patio that can accommodate up to 200 guests and convenient back patio that can be set up for a private function without to be worrying if guests will be disrupted by the regular visitors. Rental prices are very flexible, depending on type of the event and number of guests as well depending on what part of the property you wish to rent for your event. For more information please contact .

 jw4    JW

After the tour attendees had chance to relax and enjoy in some of many John Watling’s signature cocktails.

JW tour 3  JW tour 2



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Ivana Zivanovic is the 2014 President of the Bahamas Bridal Association. She is a Certified Wedding Planner and Interior Decorator and brings her knowledge of floral and event design to LUXE Worldwide as the head of the European and Caribbean Events Division with expertise and experience in the Cruise and Travel Industries. LUXE Worldwide was founded in 2002. Formerly known as A Design For Destiny Luxury Events, LUXE specializes in destination events including weddings, milestone celebrations, concerts, festivals and productions across the globe. LUXE also houses a custom design studio which specializes in custom stationery like programs and invitations as well as personalized favors, hand-painted aisle runners and engraved gifts.