Benefits + Goals

Becoming a member of BBA will provide you with lots of benefits. Just to name a few:-

Member benefits include:

  1. link on BBA’s website
  2. advertisement and media coverage both locally and internationally
  3. networking opportunities
  4. member discounts and incentives
  5. referrals
  6. use of BBA’s logo
  7. Expert knowledge
  8. Inclusion on MOT bride referral roster list


Why Choose the BBA? Click here to view our full listing of BBA Membership Benefits.

Our Goals are to:

  1. to uphold the Industry Standard through strict adherence of the association’s policies
  2. to have established Chapters in the major family islands
  3. to train and develop young persons for the industry
  4. to have all the major properties and resorts partner with us so that we are the recognized body in the Bahamas for Destination Weddings through which all destination weddings are channeled.

So to those who are not yet a part of the BBA, come join us so that we together will make this Industry the cream of the Tourism product in the Bahamas and the envy of the region.

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