Colorful Dresses Straight Off the Bridal Fashion Week Runway


Many people think that white wedding dresses are timeless, but history would tell you otherwise. The white wedding dress didn’t come into favor until Queen Victoria wore one to her royal wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. Before then, brides would wear a color of their choice, favoring practical dark colors like gray and brown. Nowadays it’s the opposite — you’re daring if you wear a color other than white (or something very similar like ivory) on your wedding day. Although the majority of women choose to wear white, more and more bridal designers are creating dresses in bold pops of color. So if pink, gold or black speak to you on your wedding day, there’s no reason you can’t rock it. Sneak a peek below at this daring red dress, then take a look at more colorful wedding dress pics here!

1. Black Wedding Dresses
Though black may seem like an odd choice for a wedding dress, lots of designers this season chose to either accent their gowns in black or make dresses entirely black with intricate illusion lace or geometric designs.
From left: Hayley Paige, Sareh Nouri, Hayley Paige.
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Source: The Knot