The Bahamas Bridal Association exists to be the catalyst in the Destination Wedding Industry strengthening ties between our vendors and the couple, while forging strategic partnerships between organizations that have proximity to the industry such as hotels, government agencies and independent companies.

We believe that a collective approach is required for high industry standards and favourable customer relations with the couple and their guests. In the BBA we believe that if we are to be the best in the Destination wedding industry we must set high standards and policies which promote:

  1. The integrity of the business of wedding planning
  2. Quality service at the highest level
  3. Professional development of its members through local and international seminars
  4. Efficiency and reliability with our vendors

It was many years ago that the Ministry of Tourism launched its People to People Program where they wanted the visitor to experience more than just Sun, Sea and Sand but to experience the Customs and Culture of the Bahamian People through Tea Parties at Government House and the ultimate experience of sharing a Bahamian Meal with a Bahamian Family in the privacy of their homes.

As this program developed more and more visitors experienced other aspects of Bahamian culture and saw The Bahamas as a potential location for their nuptials. The beaches were the ideal site with the beautiful aquamarine water as a great back drop. It was in 1985 that the Department of People to People coordinated its first tourist wedding of a Japanese couple which was the beginning of the Tourist Wedding Market in The Bahamas.

After much publicity of The Bahamas as a destination for Weddings and Honeymoons, the People to People Department became overwhelmed with requests from our visitors to marry in the Bahamas who required their assistance to obtain a License, secure a minister and bridal flowers. Because the requests were frequent, and not having sufficient staff to handle the volume, the Ministry of Tourism made a decision to outsource this thriving business to the local consultants.

In 1997, the then Director General, now Minister of Tourism and Aviation, Vincent Vanderpool Wallace instructed the staff of the PP Department under the direction of Gloria Greenslade and Gloria Brown to look within the local market for those individuals who were already in the wedding business but doing local weddings, to assist them in this new market now called the “Weddings and Honeymoon Destination Market”. Referrals were given out on a rotation basis and soon a number of the co-coordinators realized the potential for growth and profit in this new market and developed their web-sites to meet the growing demands.

In 1998, the Director General realized that in order to provide good service to this new market and uphold integrity, a standard had to be maintained and so the call went out to form an association. After much deliberation The Bahamas Bridal Association was formed and as time went on all members were encouraged to develop their individual web-sites for greater gain and exposure.

Over the years we have had our challenges, but thanks to those dedicated members who saw a future for this Industry beyond the challenges and kept the spirit of the Association alive in getting the regulatory bodies to reduce the requirements to marry in the Bahamas, set fees and put requirements in place for its members so that a standard was maintained. It would be remiss not to recognize the hard work of the likes of Florida Young, Una Curtis, Anne Marie Williams, Priscilla Williams, Kendrick Barton and Sandra Kemp and many more who contributed to our growth.

Today we are governed by a set of bylaws which set the standards and policies for our members. We have representations in 3 of our Family Islands i.e. Grand Bahama, Abaco and Exuma.

The BBA continues to work closely with the Weddings and Honeymoon Division of the Ministry of Tourism as it relates to maintaining wedding industry standards and responding promptly to wedding leads generated through the Ministry of Tourism’s sales and marketing initiatives.

In addition, our consultants are licenced and accredited through the internationally acclaimed organizations in the bridal industry.

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