How are Weddings at the Atlantis Bahamas?

Atlantis Bahamas Wedding

More and more couples are having destination weddings these days. As a result, it’s no surprise that top tier resorts are getting attention from brides to be. Atlantis is one of the most breath taking resorts in the Bahamas. The resort has something for everywhere and can handle small weddings to gigantic wedding events.

One of the toughest decision on getting married at the Atlantis is deciding which venue to have it at. There are literally more than twenty different venues for weddings & receptions at the Atlantis. Whether you’re looking for something gigantic, or something very intimate, Atlantis can make it happen for your wedding. The key, believe it or not, is having access to the wedding planners at the Atlantis.

The Atlantis Bahamas have a team of in-house dedicated wedding planners. These are your go-to contacts for every single piece of details when it comes to having a wedding at the Atlantis Bahamas. We’ve seen too many times when brides to be & families try to do most of it themselves. While your vision is crucial to you for your wedding, sharing that vision with your Atlantis wedding planner is even better. It will simply be executed in a way that you could never do on your own.

Atlantis also does an amazing job for those seeking to be in a certain price range. The Atlantis breaks down multiple wedding packages to give you an idea what you’re getting. You can of course customize a package to your liking. With such expertise at your fingertips, it’s no wonder why the Atlantis Bahamas has become a highly sought after venue for a destination wedding.

The best thing to do is to speak with the wedding specialists at the Atlantis. Only thing you would need to know prior to calling is your budget, a rough estimate of guests & the date your looking for . The Atlantis wedding planner can help you the rest of the way.

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