How to Market Your Photography Service

How to Market Your Photography Service?

Photography is one difficult business to stand out on. No matter how amazing your end work is, the business has a marketing component that many photographers fail to see . Let’s dive into marketing your photography business. My Referrals are Amazing! Referrals will always be your best source of business. When someone who has used your service is selling your business for you, it becomes a great source of business. The domino effect would occur with that friend too. The issue is, it’s completely out of your control. If the fall is looking slow for you, you can’t wait on referrals. You need to stir up some new demand for your service. How About Social Media Marketing Social media is an amazing avenue to display Read more

Save for Your Bahamas Wedding

Tricks to Save For Your Bahamas Wedding

The typical traditional wedding is insanely expensive. It’s one of the many reasons why brides to be start entertaining the idea of destination weddings. When it comes to destination weddings, the vision includes beach nine times out of ten. Which make weddings at the Bahamas one that is always considered. While the price of a destination wedding is cheaper than a traditional one, there are still costs involved. Here are ways to save money for your Bahamas Wedding Get out of your car lease – A car serves a purpose. Yet it’s an asset that will continue to lose value as time goes on. You have a ton of people out there that enjoy getting a new car every few years. Generally, these are people Read more