Tips on Getting Married in the Bahamas

Bahamas Destination Wedding

Whether you’re looking to get married in the Bahamas, need to host an event in the Bahamas, or simply are interested in service providers in the Bahamas, this site is here to provide you some amazing insight into the Bahamas. If you ever asked someone if they’ve been to the Bahamas, those that have gone, have an ear to ear smile. Now, ask a bride who got married in the Bahamas how their experience was, it’s another reaction. Some were amazing, while others were a complete disaster.

Getting Married in the Bahamas

The greatest fear of any destination wedding for a bride is simple, will it be perfect. We’ve all heard the saying “on island time” which is great when you’re on vacation, but not so great when you’re planning a weddings thousands of miles away. Ultimately, to pull off an amazing wedding in the Bahamas, it comes down to working with the right vendors. While it is always cheaper to find local talent in the Bahamas, there are certain weddings where the bride is more comfortable flying in the talent (ex photographers, wedding planners) local to them in their home countries. Since most of the destination weddings in the Bahamas is from the United States, you start seeing more and more American service providers staying in the Bahamas for the event.

The most critical component of having a destination wedding in the Bahamas is your wedding coordinator. I can not stress this enough. By having a local wedding coordinator in the Bahamas, she (or he) knows the island inside & out. While this adds a cost to your wedding, the return on that cost is undeniable. By having a knowledgeable wedding coordinator in the Bahamas on your side, she will be able to execute on your vision in ways you can’t imagine.

Hosting a Business Event in the Bahamas

While many Americans love hosting conventions in Las Vegas or New York City, there are two tremendous factors why these are not ideal.  The first is the cost. The cost to pull off a proper business event is incredibly high in New York City. The second is location. Flying to Las Vegas from the East Cost is a significant trip including time changes. Bahamas caters to the US in many facets. The cost to fly and stay in the Bahamas is significantly less than staying in Manhattan. The location of the Bahamas caters to the east cost and the south of the US amazingly. Throw in the weather, the incredibly serving people of the Bahamas, and the overall theme of the island, you’re business attendees & associates will actually want to be at your event, without leaving early!

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